Question:  How many introverts does it take to hold a meeting? Answer:  Two... as long as they both have laptops and Internet connections! How many prefer one-on-one as opposed to group meetings?  If you answer ME, you’re not alone. Did you know that introverts represent from 25-49% of the population?  Studies show that introversion increases... Continue Reading →

The Super Weapon of Marketing

According to recent research when selling B2B, strategies that appeal to emotions are 7x more effective at driving long-term sales, profits and revenue than rational messaging.  Yes, that’s right we don’t want to buy your stuff because it makes good logical sense.  Evidently we want to buy because you made us feel something.  What does... Continue Reading →


Imagine you're in a room full of people. You all want the same thing, but you don't know how to get it. Some of you are trying to push your way in front of others, some of you are using brute force, and some are trying to seduce your way in. The thing is: none... Continue Reading →

How to Win the Game of Sales & Customers

There have been brands that do an amazing job of creating tremendous value that their customers just can’t get enough.  But how do they do it?  I mean you want to be irresistible, right?  You want people to not only keep coming back but to bring new customers with them.  If we use brands like... Continue Reading →

You’ve Been Hacked!

Not your computer, your email or your social media account – YOU! We are now living in a fast-changing world and in order to survive it will require several things.  First, you’re going to need to be able to adapt with a mental flexibility and a ton of emotional balance.  They call this resiliency and... Continue Reading →

That Call is ICE

“Hi, my name is Mary Smith and I know you don’t want to talk to me and you’re probably tired of getting phone calls from people like me but, I’m calling today to talk to you about how technology is changing the world of sales.” Okay, no one likes to make them and no one... Continue Reading →

9 Tips For Finding Your Life Purpose

1. Your life purpose is bigger than any solvable problem or circumstance. Your life purpose cannot be solving a particular problem or based on some circumstance that could potentially no longer exist. Otherwise, your purpose could end while you are alive and then your life will no longer have a purpose or meaning. For example,... Continue Reading →

B2B Sales is HYBRID

Well, she’s out of the bottle and no one wants to put her back in!  Our expectations as consumers are now OPTIONS…that’s right we want options to suit our needs at the moment which means convenience. We have settled into a mix of channels on how we want to interact.  This means that we need... Continue Reading →

Who is Your Biggest Enemy?

His name is Poverty.  Not only is this the biggest fear a human can have it is the most difficult to overcome if you are afflicted with this fear. Let’s start with the definition of fear.  This is one that is simple and I like it:   False Evidence Appearing Real Fear, like all other emotions, is basically information.... Continue Reading →

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