The Concept of Work

The human spirit and capitalism The essence of work, the human spirit and capitalism are all intertwined in unique ways and often provide a prime example of the human condition. Work embodies a sense of purpose, the concept of toiling in order to achieve a greater good, furthering our collective evolution as a species. Yes,... Continue Reading →

How to Sell Today in the Year 2022

#BLURREDLINES The science of selling is constantly evolving so, if you're still doing it like we did in the 80's, 90's or heck, 2 years ago ... you're doing it all wrong! Sales has become more team oriented, digital, data driven and working from home. Buyers are more online, demanding, private and impatient. The biggest... Continue Reading →

Going Lean

Are you necessary? One Piece Flow model isn’t just for manufacturing anymore.  Since the pandemic of 2020 and massive layoffs across the country many businesses have had to use their creative minds to stay afloat even after the ‘pandemic layoffs’ that impacted millions of people. One-piece flow, also called continuous flow, refers to the way... Continue Reading →

Lombardi Leadership

What's Your Legacy? Often known for saying “the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary” Vince Lombardi was an NFL legendary coach and leader.  Not only did he expect hard work on the field, he expected his players to also have strong character and lead with integrity. A culture is built by... Continue Reading →

Be an Ironman at Work

Did you know that nearly half of the athletes registered with USA Triathlon are professionals working 40+ hours a week?  On average, someone training for an endurance event, like a triathlon, may work out 10-20 hours a week.  Endurance is the ability to sustain a specific activity (endurance running, cycling, swimming, rowing, cross-country skiing etc)... Continue Reading →

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