Rock Your Career Like a Boss!

Getting your body strong can translate to more than physical health.  Researchers have found that people with a regular exercise regimen also have more ambition in their professional life.  Several theories explain why that Monday-Wednesday-Friday 5:00 a.m. spin class or that after work yoga group, can help you succeed in your job-related goals.

Without a doubt, exercise builds confidence.  That confidence pours over into mental acuity.  This mental sharpness helps with memory, problem solving, concentration and even difficult tasks don’t seem so daunting.  This confidence boost also helps you handle difficult personal and professional situations.  Your mind and body are changing and part of that change means, a more positive outlook.  Which leads me to the next benefit.

Stress!!  Everyone has it, but how you see it and how you manage it, is what really makes the difference. Getting your sweat on means getting the stress out. Managing stress effectively, means we are better at staying focused on work-related projects. We even bring more creativity to the table.  Better stress-management clears the path for job-satisfaction and work relationships.  Everybody wins.

Leadership by example, yes!  You become someone that inspires others to want to try new things or even ask if they can join you.  You feel better, and that is contagious.  While anyone can be a supervisor or a manger, it takes a dedicated individual to achieve the highest level of leadership.  A person that maintains a healthy level of physical fitness demonstrates they can set goals and hold themselves accountable.  They also demonstrate dedication and the ability to make good decisions.  

So rock your workout like a boss and you will rock your career like one too.

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