Employee Development – It’s Not a “Once and Done”

Growing your business is not a one-and-done deal, neither is growing your people.  Unused employee development training is like the unused Peloton your clothes are draped over. You aren’t going to ride it one time and consider your fitness is all good for the year.  You have to keep exercising to keep your fitness.  It’s there to make you better, stronger, more productive, increase performance and have an overall better lifestyle but if you aren’t using it, you aren’t getting any better. It’s just taking up space. Guess what you are going to do with it, get rid of it.

Employee development is no different.  If our employees made one sale then said, “ok I’m good, job well done” we would get rid of them.  You want them to continue to make sales, build relationships and continue making deposits into the company so the company can grow, get better, stronger and be an overall healthy organization. 

A primary characteristic of leadership is to grow others and encourage them to continue learning and developing. Making regular deposits into your employees is a must for growth.  That one time a year speaker that does a few break out sessions isn’t going to last.  People need regular engagement that helps them build on their skills and talents. Remember, your company is only as good as the people that work there.

 Our virtual and very digital world today provides access and opportunity to a wide variety of training from personal growth and development, management, leadership, and even sales and marketing.

There are many benefits of career development for employees, but ultimately, employee development means your company has the best possible workforce on hand. When employees are properly trained, and that training is constantly updated, they can better serve your customers and deliver a top customer experience. It also shows that you are willing to invest in your people, and that is something your people will reciprocate with increased loyalty and better performance.

 Here are just a few to reasons you want to invest in your workforce:

  • 48% of people said they look for new work to acquire new skills. Employee development becomes a part of your benefit package.
  • Good performance gives them a high level of job satisfaction, and poor performance is frustrating.
  • Engaged employees are less likely to have safety incidents on the job, are more loyal and productive, and are willing to do more than just the bare minimum in their roles.
  • you are investing in the future of your business by creating trained, loyal management.
  • true satisfaction comes from creating work environments where employees can contribute to reach their fullest professional potential.
  • You can evaluate where your workforce falls short and create strategies to address those areas.  Restructuring and getting people where their strengths can really shine.

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