Why would you pay $60 for laundry detergent?

I don’t know about you but I love to work out and so does my husband, but we don’t want to smell like we are always sweating. I wash my clothes but they still have that “not so clean” odor, you know the frustration when you have washed them several times and still can’t get that pungent smell out, and you know you have to toss them.  That gets expensive, but I want to smell good.  No one wants to be the stinky kid and I don’t want a smelly husband either.

I was in a gift shop buying my favorite candle when I saw this company also sells laundry detergent, the nice sales lady talked it up and I thought “what the heck” give it a try.  It worked!  Not only did it work, I washed my sheets, towels and blankets and the aroma filled my home with that heavenly smell.  Now my laundry detergent is an air freshener.  When I would go for a run or to the gym people would say “oh my goodness, you smell so good.”  I said, “it’s laundry detergent.” They inquired what kind and I shared my new-found secret. I’m no stinky kid anymore!   So, I ask, why would you pay $60 for laundry detergent? Because it saves me money, creates an experience in my home and get’s me compliments.

What does this have to do with customers? If you believe in your product so much that it permeates everything, your customers will believe in it too and they will sell it for you. Yes, I know I put a picture of the product but that’s the point. I love it and I know it works and I see the value in the $60 laundry detergent. My friends and family use it now too. Best of all, I don’t have a funky smelling husband anymore.

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