Be A Man!

Many men face major health risks that just aren’t talked about enough.  Of course we talk about heart disease, diabetes, stroke but what about low testosterone, prostate cancer, yearly rectal exams and erectile quality?  These are unique issues that men face, especially as they age.  Men are less likely to follow the ‘annual visit recommendation’ unless, “their wife or significant other made them come in” stated Dr. Ankit Patel who practices Family Medicine. Dr. Patel said the main focus is “to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”  

What’s a healthy lifestyle?  Simply put, diet and exercise.  This would include 30-45 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 3-5 times a weeks and a diet low in saturated fats and high in lean protein.  It is recommended to see your physician if you are just starting to exercise or transitioning back in to an exercise program.  

No this doesn’t prevent these things from happening but the data shows, there is a lower number of men with health related problems, when they lead healthier lifestyles. 

One really taboo issue is erectile quality.  Dr. James Kelley a Urologist in Mansfield, said that most men think its just “part of getting older” and don’t address the issue early enough.  He explained that this and other issues like prostate health can require some noninvasive treatment methods if there is early screening and regular annual check-ups with their physician.

So, MEN…you want to keep your ‘man-card’? Man-Up, Be A Man, see your doctor regularly, eat healthy and pump those man muscles!

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