Starting a New Business

Starting a business is a lot of work. Anyone who tells you it’s not is either lying or has never actually started one themselves. The hours are long, sacrifices are great and you are assaulted with new problems and challenges every day with seemingly no end. If you don’t have the constitution to weather these things, your business could implode on you faster than it started.

Clearly, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But how do you know whether it’s for you? You should start by asking yourself what it takes to be a leader because, for the most part, you’ll be doing a lot of the work up front by yourself. If you can’t lead yourself through startup, chances are you won’t likely be able to lead your business and future employees through growth and on to success.

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an innovative individual who seeks to use their knowledge in a particular skill set or industry to create a business venture. These individuals take significant financial risks to fund start-ups, which have the potential to grow into multimillion-dollar corporations.

Self-motivated describes someone who can motivate themselves rather than relying on another person. Self-motivated individuals use discipline and passion to complete essential tasks, limiting procrastination and producing results. Entrepreneurs must have a level of self-motivation to overcome challenges. Nobody makes progress by sitting back and waiting for it to find them. Successful people go out into the world and invoke change through their actions.


Someone open-minded is willing to accept or learn about new ideas and opportunities. That’s why open-mindedness is such an essential trait for an entrepreneur. If they remain open to new business opportunities, they could find success in a completely different way.


Similar to open-mindedness, entrepreneurs should also have high levels of curiosity. A curious mind can produce unique and innovative ideas that provide solutions to save a start-up company.


When an entrepreneur is proactive, they cannot only anticipate change but also take preemptive measures that help them conquer those changes


Entrepreneurs tend to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles so they can have the energy to operate their business ventures. A balanced lifestyle is proof of discipline.


Another trait of entrepreneurs is creativity. Regardless of their business’s industry, they have to come up with new ideas and solutions to guide their company forward.


Entrepreneurs should have a level of persuasiveness to convince investors to donate funds and to persuade customers to buy their products or services.


Bravery is another entrepreneurial trait from which you can benefit. Entrepreneurs regularly take risks from the moment they decide to start their business, and they must have the courage to accept criticism.


Entrepreneurs might start as sole-proprietors, but with the right business tactics, they could soon have several employees working under them. That is why it is so crucial for entrepreneurs to be team-oriented.


Regardless of age, entrepreneurs should have a young perspective to keep evolving their business and combat working odd hours.


Entrepreneurs typically have a humble attitude because they understand the work that goes into creating and maintaining a successful business and how success can drop.


Humorous entrepreneurs can laugh at their mistakes and move on from them.


To an entrepreneur, technology is one of the most valuable tools. Stay on top of available technology, both in general and in your specific industry. Technology can save you time and money in performing essential business functions, help you stay organized, and pave the way for new solutions your company can provide.

Be an Expert in Your Industry

Know everything there is to know about upcoming trends, popular competitors, and product or service developments that can help you gain an edge. Subscribe to industry magazines and white papers to keep up with current events. Attend as many networking and training events as you can. In addition to teaching you more about the industry, going to these events allows you to network and get your name out there.

Be Involved

Building community support is essential to driving future success, so demonstrate a willingness to give back. Participate in or sponsor local events and institutions, stay on top of local politics, and give your neighbors the chance to know and respect you as a community figure and entrepreneur.

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