Customization: A Consumer Habit

We live in a world where everyone wants their own way, and people expect companies to offer customized options. In today’s competitive marketplace, consumers and businesses alike want to do things their own way. If you want to provide your customers with personalized products and services, you need to put the customer first. Instead, look at things in terms of what customers find valuable. Find ways to provide customers with a unique and personalized experience every step of the way.

Until the end of the first decade of the 21st century, neither the brick & mortar stores nor the eCommerce stores offered product customization to common people. Nevertheless, the advancement in software and design has made this easy and feasible than ever.

Here are some major companies that have jumped on board with the customization generation with campaigns that have been hugely successful.


  • When we talk about product customization, the first company that crosses our mind is Coca-Cola. Nothing could beat their “Share the Coke Campaign.” The campaign first started for Australian consumers and consisted of some of Australia’s common first names. This made Coca-Cola a household name. Then they expanded the campaign in different countries and saw a rise in sales. The campaign gave a new face to the company, helped them increase their brand value and increase sales. Coca-Cola has set a benchmark for product customization by their most loved campaign, which changed a lot of things for them.


  • Another product customization example is data-driven personalization by Graze. They use their customers’ data in the best way possible i.e. they recommend their favorite snacks based on their previous purchases. Customers can share their feedback, favorite snacks, allergies, and depending on their needs, they can get the best possible recommendations. All the data helps them recommend better snacks from over 500 products and more than 200 million combinations. It’s a perfect example of how data can help businesses to grow and help them serve better.


  • Customizable shoes were a far-fetched dream before Nike made it possible; they are the perfect product customization examples. It started an online store and gave customers the freedom to customize their shoes. In return, it helped them increase their sales and set an example for being customer friendly. Additionally, customization helped customers to express themselves and also stand out from the crowd. With the help of Nike by You, you can easily customize and create your designs from the choice of colors, images, templates, and more. So, if you are a shoe enthusiast and want to stand out from the crowd, Nike’s custom shoes can do the magic for you.


  • The Netflix mission “We start by choosing videos to recommend that are likely to resonate with a member. We then organize those videos into personalized rows so they can quickly locate what they are interested in. Then we personalize the artwork that we use to represent each video.”

If you are someone who is thinking of adding customization to your store and don’t know whether this feature will increase your sales. Don’t worry we are here to help you.

Benefits of Product Customization

Increase In Sales:

According to research done by Deloitte,36 percent of consumers prefer to purchase custom products. Not only this, but it also shows that 1 in 5 consumers prefer to pay 20 percent more on exclusive custom products. Customers are ready to pay any amount for customization.

Better Customer Insights:

Studying the purchasing habits of your target audience will help you to gain better insight and understanding of customers. To increase your sales, understanding your customers is essential. You need to study and define your customers’ needs and then move forward. With the help of tools like CRM and data analytics, businesses can understand their customers better.

Increase Customer Loyalty:

Having loyal customers is every brands’ desire, but with the increased competition, it is not easy. However, with the help of customization and over-the-top customer service, you can get loyal customers. Of course, each and every phase of the sales funnel is very important, but the right after-sales service will increase customer loyalty. Product customization helps in building a unique brand identity.

Customization is a new way to serve your customers what they need, and increase your sales.

The pandemic has definitely changed consumers’ behaviors, priorities, and purchasing habits, which directly led to changes in the business world. And we can expect many of these changes to be permanent.

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