Interested but Not Committed

Yep, that’s what we’re seeing in the world today. 

In politics it’s the Hyper-Involved vs The Disengaged or the great attention divide in America. No matter where you look people just don’t seem to care … if it’s outside of their bubble.

What’s going on?

  1. MONEY – money gives people options.  There is a growing divide between “the haves and the have nots”. 
  2. ONLINE OPTIONS – there are more opportunities to engage without giving up as much of your time.  The pandemic made all of us think about how we spend our time.  Online options are not going away.  It’s here to stay whether you participate or not.
  3. AGE OF INFORMATION – we have access to everything without leaving home
  4. FAILURE TO SEE A DIRECT BENEFIT – remember, people will always make time for things they value most.
  5. VALUE – the most engaged people are those that serve and give in the community.
  6. CULTURE SHIFT – the pandemic has impacted how we think about how we share our time with others, and the importance of doing so in a mindful way.  There is a shift to indulge in meaningful experiences.  The Reshuffling, meaningful work, flexible work schedules.  Downshifting in spending habits

For events, there is this forbidden pleasure of cancelling plans at the last minute – like gaining moments of your life back that you’d already written off – it’s actually become a popular meme.

What does it all mean? Change is unkind to the unprepared and everything has changed.

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