B2B Sales is HYBRID

Well, she’s out of the bottle and no one wants to put her back in!  Our expectations as consumers are now OPTIONS…that’s right we want options to suit our needs at the moment which means convenience.

We have settled into a mix of channels on how we want to interact.  This means that we need to go digital where it makes sense but not abandon in-person sales completely.  We are in a remote-first world so what do you need to do with your sales team?

  1. Change the model – training should be shortened.  Gone are the days of all-day conferences.  Use self-paced learning.  Create series and go virtual.
  2. Broaden your scope of learning topics to include how to have sales conversations on video, virtual negotiations.
  3. Coach more often and include mentors to help them feel more connected to the organization.
  4. Hybrid selling is here to stay so look for the soft skills; individuals that are organized, digitally fluent, comfortable presenting on camera and able to make data-driven decisions and then re-write your job descriptions to reflect these new skills.

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