How to Sell Today in the Year 2022


The science of selling is constantly evolving so, if you’re still doing it like we did in the 80’s, 90’s or heck, 2 years ago … you’re doing it all wrong!

Sales has become more team oriented, digital, data driven and working from home. Buyers are more online, demanding, private and impatient.

The biggest difference of all … the lines between sales, marketing and service have blurred

  1. Make it Easy – don’t “dump the briefcase” meaning, don’t tell your prospects everything you know about everything you offer and then make the sort through your clutter. Too much information, too many options and they are confused and shut down.
  2. Show Empathy – understand how the world has changed and more importantly how it’s impacted your prospects. We’re all faced with a lot of issues today (talent shortage, inflation, possible recession, etc…)
  3. Use technology – how much of the sales process can you automate? They can actually enhance interactions by helping the sales team sell value, tell better stories and focus on the most profitable opportunities.
  4. It’s still about TRUST – you can build trust through digital channels! We must master the both verbal and non-verbal signals of trust.
  5. We want it yesterday, thank you – so, increase the speed to meet demand. Conversations have moved from face to face to digital media.
  6. Raise the bar on CONTENT – content is King. Content demonstrates knowledge and expertise and is the primary sales tool and key differentiator. Knowledge is the new Currency. 80% of organizations are investing more in this area in order to increase conversion rates and improve the buyer experience.
  7. Focus on prospects that meet your your ideal profile. When you try to be all things to all people it gets messy and expensive. Use analytics to prioritize and identify your best targets. Today sales reps are required to be half Spock and half Captain Kirk. (Star Trek) Today we have an arsenal of information – use it.

Now this will disturb some of you but … Less than 20% of the customer journey involves human interaction according to recent research by Gartner. This is reshaping how B2B sellers engage with customers and prospects.

So, build buyer empathy, share more compelling content, ask smarter questions, have conversations that build trust, communicate the financial value of your solutions and differentiate!

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