Artificial Intelligence In Business – The Future Is Here

I just finished preparing for a workshop – “Let’s Play with Ai” and I have to say my mind is absolutely blown!  I thought I knew but I didn’t even know what I didn’t know…

There are three types of Ai: Narrow Ai is the most common and limited to a specific task, General Ai has the ability to learn and adapt to different tasks (without you) and Super Ai is so advanced that it surpasses human intelligence (you and me).

Now I’m not looking through rose colored glasses, there are some things it can’t do like; it won’t predict the results of our political races or football games, it won’t discuss partisan political issues, it won’t break down and it won’t write about anything after 2021 – – – for all of this that is for today, the future?

My takeaway is this – the businesses that accept, grab and run with Ai for their industry will dominate in their market, those that don’t will perish and we’re not talking about in 10 years.  It is moving so fast and is already so far ahead of what we know today that I think within 5 years or less!  No kidding!

Ai will provide a cutting-edge competitiveness that will increase efficiency and those that have the minds to harness it will amplify their business capabilities and results.

You can use it to:

  • Create Content
  • Interact with your Customers and did you know it uses NLP?  WOW!
  • Language translation
  • Sales, yes to create presentations and marketing materials
  • Analyze data and feedback as well as process data for predictive behavior
  • Manage supply chains
  • Ai is being embedded in all functions that support business – human resources, finance and legal

I could literally go on and on, but this is a blog post.  Bottom line: it has already seeped into every industry’s nook and cranny, there is no stopping it and it’s the best tool humankind has ever possessed. 

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