Video Marketing is the Future

Do you want to create a more personal, emotional connection with your audience?

In 2022, having a video that can help you promote your products and services is more important than ever. The pandemic catapulted what was once a luxury to a necessity. We also no longer have to be stuck to a TV to see the latest in products and services interrupting our favorite show.  We can hear about a service and immediately watch a video on YouTube or see someone do a  demonstration on Tik Tok.  People are more likely to click a video in an email than they are to read the text (usually with the same information).

If you haven’t made a video for your products and services, here are a few statistics to move you forward:

  • 83% of video consumers prefer an informal, chatty tone in marketing videos.
  • 96% of people have watched explainer videos of products or services
  • People spend about 16 hours watching online videos every week.
  • when asked about how people would like to learn about a product or service, nearly 66% of them said that they’d prefer watching videos.
  • 74% of people even said that they had been convinced to download an app or software solution by watching a video.                
  • 87% of marketers said that videos have increased the traffic to their websites.
  • 83% of marketers said that videos have helped them generate leads while 80% of them said that videos have helped them grow their sales

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