How to Win the Game of Sales & Customers

There have been brands that do an amazing job of creating tremendous value that their customers just can’t get enough.  But how do they do it?  I mean you want to be irresistible, right?  You want people to not only keep coming back but to bring new customers with them.  If we use brands like Apple and Amazon as a guide, consider the following:

Narrow Your Focus

Ask yourself WHO do you want to be irresistible to? Remember it’s a game, and the more defined your target, the more value you will deliver.  Sure you want as many customers as you can get and to keep them but to do this you need to categorize your audience based on interests.

Find the Unmet Needs

The world probably already has at least one business that does what you do so, in order to win “the game” you have to find the gaps – the unmet or under-met needs.  That may mean ignoring what it is that you offer now and re-evaluating your prospective customer needs.  Then do they fit into your brand.

Focus on What’s Unique to You

What do you do that no one else does? You see your best chance of winning is in places where no one else plays.

Choose Your Way to Play

When you have identified the unmet needs and your unique capabilities the next thing is to play your way (not the way everyone else does it).  Now you’ve earned the right to win.  And your value will be irresistible.

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